Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week 1 - Or- Adjusting to Missionary Life at the MTC

Hey Everybody!

So I just had my first week in the MTC and to sum it up, I felt like I was thrown in with the dogs. As soon as you leave the curb they give you your name tags and a few other things, drop your luggage off to your room and you're starting class. My companion's name is Sister Walker and she's from Mapleton. My district is the best district ever! We've been getting along so well since the beginning. At first I was pretty nervous because I didn't know anyone but now we're really great friends! Half the district is going to my mission and the other half is going to the California Roseville mission. I'm the only sister going to Texas (represent!) There's only four girls in my room and we're all in the same district. (There's usually six in a room but we're awesome so ;)

Oh my gosh my first weekend here was the longest weekend of my life! The classes were so long and we were still trying to figure out where everything is. Some people say the food here is amazing, but that's a bunch of hippy dippy bologna. Some of the stuff they serve is good but most of it, not so much. But I guess that's part of the MTC experience right ;) My mailbox is 107 and if you sent me some food I'd love you forever haha!

Yesterday all the greenies came and it was so fun to yell "Welcome to the MTC!" It was also good to know that we weren't the greenies anymore haha! Everything's still pretty weird but I'm still getting used to it. They have a set schedule and sometimes that's hard to remember. I still want to get out to the mission field right now, but I can't imagine just going on your mission and not going to the MTC. You learn so much each day! A lot of people told us that if we make it to our first Sunday then you can do it, but I don't like that phrase. Enjoy everyday and make them count.

The past couple weeks we've been doing something called TRC's. I don't remember what it stands for but what it is is we teach people. Some of them are members who are just acting as investigators and others are REAL INVESTIGATORS!! But they don't tell you who is who (obviously.) This week we've taught 2 investigators: Arnold and Samson. Arnold is a cute little old man who has these amazing stories. He says he catches dragons as a hobbie haha! He's so funny! Samson is a big Samoan guy who's been in the army and had friends there who were LDS so he wants to learn more about eternal families. It's a really great learning experience and we have fun doing it.

There's a devotional every Sunday and Tuesday. Sunday was the Nashville Tribute Band and they did a really great job. They sang a lot about their missions and you could see their testimony's as they were singing. Their last song was the best because it was about how they each felt when they served their missions. A lot of it was how much they missed their families but they were also happy to see them when they came back. Let's just say it was a sob-fest.
The devotional on Tuesday was Elder Condie of the Seventy and that was really good. We sang in the choir and you could really feel the spirit there. That's why I love music so much. You can feel the spirit as it's playing and you feel more at peace.

It's amazing how much love is here! I already genuinely love everyone here. I love my district and our investigators. You can tell everyone just loves everyone here! It's amazing!

The spirit is really strong here and I've felt it since the first day. I'm already growing a lot and it's only been a week! I'm so happy I made this decision to serve a mission!
Hope to hear back from you soon!

Sister Poulton

PS: During companion study a few days ago me and Sister Walker studied Mosiah 4 and now it's one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon! You should read it it's amazing :)

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