Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 3 - I Made it to Texas!

Hey Everyone!

Well, I made it to Texas! I walked out of the airport and was smacked
in the face with humidity. But I guess that's part of the experience.
My first area is called Azle and my companion's name is Sister Nye
(like the science guy.) Azle is very country. Half the people here
have a Duck Dynasty beard, it's hilarious! It's also really spread out
so we drive A LOT. The people here are so nice! Everyone waves and
says hi to each other down the street. If you don't wave to someone
it's weird. :)

Coming here has been really humbling. We've had quite a few
appointments in trailer homes. A couple days ago we were driving up to
a trailer park and I almost started crying. I can't believe there are
people who have to live in these and raise their family in them. I
know for most of them it's a temporary living situation, but sometimes
at home I'd complain about my house being too small, but then I saw these, and I felt like a spoiled brat. These are some of the nicest
people you'll ever meet, and they're living in a trailer home by the

We've taught a few people but it's mostly been training this week. But you have to do that so I try not to complain.

So that's how this week's gone! Hope y'all have a great day!

Sister Hailey Poulton

Pointing to Azle (Pronounced A-zul)

Our Zone (the group of missionaries teaching in an area) after a Zone meeting.

Anyone else notice the use of y'all? :) - Kimberly

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