Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 4

Howdy Y'all!
Thought I'd start out with a little Texas greeting!

Okay this place isn't just the "Bible Belt." It's the belt buckle!! SO
many different churches around here! Guess what comes with that? Bible
bashers! I just remind myself to stay calm about it. If it starts to
turn into an argument then you say, "Well I'm glad you love the Bible.
So do we. Have a nice day." The Bible is to be used for learning and
feeling the Spirit. It's not a tool you use to prove why you're right.

On to the people we're teaching! We've been teaching a guy named
Cutter. He's 17 and really wants to join the church! The problem
is.... his dad really doesn't like Mormons. He's told Cutter some
crazy stuff but Cutter knows better than to just listen to some weird
rumors. So we're hoping and praying everything with his dad goes well.

We're teaching a little boy named Jesse. His family's been inactive
for a while but they want to start coming back to church so they want
Jesse to be baptized.

We're also teaching a man named Joe. He wants to be baptized so he can
be sealed to his wife in the temple. He just has a few.... Word of
Wisdom issues. (Mom's edit: This means he's probably having issues
giving up drinking or smoking.) We're trying to help him with that.
We've also been working with a lot of less-active families and recent converts.

Holy cow the rain here is CRAZY!!! I wish I got a video of it because
it's just insane! It flooded a lot of people's yards so we have a lot
of service to do this week!

The ward here is really great! Everyone's super genuine and they want
to help the missionaries as much as they can! It's really comforting
to have a ward like this. It makes our job a little easier.

Well that's how this week has been! Whenever you're feeling down,
remember that Christ is with you and he knows how you're feeling. Stay

Sister Hailey Poulton

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