Monday, November 14, 2016

First week as a Trainer!

Letter from 11/7/2016

Hey Everyone!

Well I'm training a new missionary! It's super fun! Her name is Sister
Marks from Sandpoint, ID. She's a really hard worker and a really
faithful missionary! Way more prepared than I was when I first got out
here! (But then again that wasn't very long ago.)

Azle's still awesome, and since I'm training, my mission president
said I'll be in this area for 3 more months. So I'm going to be in my
first area for 6 months 😳 At least I like it and I love these people!

I was pondering (see, I'm using big words now) and I read this
scripture that lists all the "Christlike Attributes" we're striving to
have. "And faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the
glory of God, qualify him for the work. Remember faith, virtue,
knowledge, temperance, patience, brotherly kindness, godliness,
charity, humility, diligence." I've decided, and I realized I was
doing this without even knowing it, every 6 weeks I'm going to focus
on one attribute to improve on. The 2 I've been focusing on recently
are charity and humility and I've really improved with those. These
next 6 weeks I'm going to focus on patience. I know you're all
thinking, "Hailey are you crazy? You're the least patient person I
know." Well, this is the perfect time to work on it. As a missionary
you're a literal representative of Jesus Christ, so this is the time
to become more like Him. Of course we should strive for all of those
things, but if you focus intently on one at a time, the others will
come over time. I'm not saying it's easy, we all know how patient I
am, but it's something I know I've been needing to work on. Time to
actually do it.

I recommend doing this for yourself. It's given me a new perspective
with certain things. It doesn't have to be patience, but one of these
attributes you may be struggling with. It's changing me and I'm glad
I'm trying it.

Hope y'all have a great week! Email me! I love hearing from you! I'm
praying for you everyday! Be safe ☺️

Sister Poulton
Texas Fort Worth Mission

1. Picture sent to Mom from an awesome member, Sister Lutz! 
World, meet Sister Marks! 

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