Monday, April 24, 2017

Short and Sweet - April 24, 2017

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this emails going to be short. We were sick for a few days so
not very much happened.
Unfortunately Louie doesn't want to take the lessons anymore. We're
sad about it but we can move on and find someone who's ready to
receive the gospel ☺️

Alyssa is doing really well! She stayed for all 3 hours of church this
week! Woohoo!!! We hope to set a date with her soon!

Okay if you haven't watched this last Conference yet, and even if you
have, go listen to Elder Holland's talk, "Songs Sung and Unsung." I've
listened to it over and over and every time I do it's amazing. We live
in a crazy world and sometimes it seems hopeless. There are so many
voices saying you have to look or act a certain way or else you're not
good enough. Guess what? YOU DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN!! Everyone is unique
and everyone is needed in this world! Don't you dare think you're
replaceable because you're not! We all have our own talents! Every.
Soul. Is. Precious. Don't ever forget that!

I love you all and you're all very important to me! Don't forget that!
I love you! Seriously!

Sister Poulton
Texas Fort Worth Mission

1. Awesome quote!
2. Wait, 9 months already?!
3. Is that Justin Timberlake in a Bible Video?

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