Monday, September 4, 2017


Hi everyone!

Wow this week was CRAZY!!! Where do I begin?!

So I didn't write this last week because we were freaking out, but the
Sunday after we set the weeding and baptism dates for Ed and Stacie, a
member of the Ward comes up to us at church and says, "Are you the
sisters for the Copperas Cove 2nd Ward?" "Yes." "Good. We have a
baptism on Saturday." 😳😳😳 "Wait what? Who?" "Ed and Stacie. I was
just talking with them and we thought why wait? So they're getting
married on Friday and baptized on Saturday." "Our mission president
has a rule for them to wait at least a week in between to make sure
they're truly repentant." "Really? Give me your mission president's
number. I'll call him and convince him to change his mind." And walked
away. 😨😨😨 Sir! No one can convince President Whitney to change his
mind about anything! Especially the rules! Ed and Stacie said they
didn't want to be rushed into anything so that's why they're waiting!
You just pushed them into this?! And you didn't even talk with their
missionaries about this?? We called President Whitney and he said no
one's called him. We told him the situation and he said he'd tell him
no if he called. (Knew it.) So we kept their wedding date for Friday
the 1st and set their baptism date for Sep. 9th instead of the 23rd.
Word of advice for everyone reading this: DONT MAKE DECISIONS FOR AN
Okay I'm cooling down now. Their wedding was beautiful and I'm so
happy they're taking this step. It's a true act of faith! At the
wedding Stacie kept telling us, "I'm so glad you two could make it! It
means a lot for you to be here!" Oh my heart! We told her we wouldn't
miss it for the world :) They also had their baptism interview on
Sunday and they passed! Our district leader said he really felt the
spirit in the interview and he knows they're ready. When he said that
Stacie started crying! She told us, "I'm so happy you two are here for
all of this." and started crying. Ah! I love watching the gospel
changing people's lives! So they're on track for being baptized this
Saturday! We're so excited for them!

We had a lesson with Peggy and she came to church on Sunday! She
hasn't come these past few weeks because of her health but she came
this week! She left early because she was feeling sick but she still
came! She's getting surgery in a few weeks so we're praying everything
goes well!

I'm keeping everyone effected by Hurricane Harvey in my prayers. I've
never been so close to a huge natural disaster like this in my life!
Everyone I've talked to has been effected by it somehow whether it's
their family members, friends, whoever. It's been such a tragedy,
however, it has brought the people of Texas so much closer together!
We're all praying to our Heavenly Father for the safety and welfare of
everyone in Houston. Something I've come to realize is that at times
like this people either turn away from God or towards Him. There's
always so many more that turn towards Him. It's natural to ask Him in
times like this, "Where are you? Did you leave me?" He's still there
and He's never left. He will never EVER leave any of us astray. I know
that with all my heart. This hurricane is a travesty and everyone
effected by it is in my prayers as well as everyone's in Texas.

Well that's all for this week! I love you so much and remember: God
loves you and would never abandon any of His children. ❤️

Sister Poulton
Texas Fort Worth Mission

1-3.) Ed and Stacie's wedding!
4-6.) Fort Hood! It's super awesome!
7-14.) Topsey! It's a super cool petting zoo you can drive through!

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