Monday, August 28, 2017

New Area and a Hurricane


Before you ask yes I'm fine. The hurricane isn't close enough to hit
us. We're only getting a bunch of rain (it's actually really cool.)
But I'm definitely praying for everyone effected by it. Please keep
them in your prayers as well.

In other news, I've been banished. Coppera's Cove is at the very
bottom of the mission and it's the BOONIES!! But I love it! All my
areas are awesome! Part of my area is Fort Hood which is the biggest
military base in the world! Sometimes we see tanks driving in the
street! It's so cool! I don't get any good pictures of them this week
but I will! My companion's name is Sister Johnson and she's from
Herriman, UT. She's super awesome and I love being companions with

Now onto the people we're working with! There's Stacie and Ed and
they've been wanted to be baptized forever but....they're living
together. Stacie has been waiting a while to get an official divorce
from her ex-husband even though they haven't been together for about 8
years. I'm not sure about the whole situation but they just got it
finalized a few days ago! Now she and Ed can be married and baptized!
Theirs wedding date is September 16th and their baptism date is
September 22nd! We're so excited for them! They've been wanting this
for so long and now it's actually going to happen!

We're also working with a lady named Peggy who's husband is a
less-active member of the church. She wants to be baptized but she
doesn't quite feel ready for it. And she doesn't want to give up her
coffee. But she's so sweet and I love her lessons! She has a really
strong testimony and I know she'll be baptized soon.

We're also working with the Lampkin family. I only met them once and
it was really brief but they're super awesome and the kids are so
cute! I'm so excited to teach them!

Well that's about it for this week. Transfers are crazy but I'm
excited for the adventures this area and the Lord has in store for me!
I love all of you so much! Keep praying and believing! I love you!

Sister Poulton
Texas Fort Worth Mission

1-3.) Arlington goodbyes.
4.) Me and Sis. Johnson.
5.) That humidity though!
6.) Redneck and proud of it! :)

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