Monday, September 26, 2016

Update from the Lone-Star State!

Totally didn't mean to rhyme when I put that in the subject line.

Anyway, Hey everyone!

This week was a lot better than last week. I finally found my teaching
style. I think it will help me become a better missionary and
influence the people we're teaching.
We set a baptism date with Cutter! We're super excited for him! He'll
be baptized on October 22nd! He's doing a lot better. He had a rough
couple weeks but now he's doing a lot better.
Chris is still doing really well. We only met with him once this week
because he was really sick, but we hope he'll feel better soon. We
know when someone is preparing for baptism the adversary does
everything he can to make sure that person doesn't get baptized. We
will help Chris and Cutter be more confident in themselves and
reassure them that they're making the right choice.
I'm now feeling more comfortable as a missionary. I love this area and
the people in it. I'm not saying I'm perfect. There's no way. There's
still so many things I'm trying to improve, but I'm becoming more
adjusted to the missionary lifestyle.
Transfers are this week but neither me or Sister Nye are going to leaving! Yay!
That's how this week has gone! I can truly see the Lord's hand in
these people's lives, and in my life. I love being a missionary and I
wish sisters could serve for two years! (Haha you think I'm joking but
I'm not.)
Hope y'all have a great week!
Romans 8:39 "Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be
able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our
Sister Poulton

1. Awesome drawing in someone's scriptures!
2. Last district picture before transfers
3. Selfie!

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