Monday, September 12, 2016

Why Y'all is where it's at.

Hey Everyone!

Hope y'all are doing well! Hey I discovered that y'all is actually a
really convenient phrase! Why take the time to say "All of you" or
"All you guys" or something when you can just say y'all?!
Anyway, exciting news.....WE SET A BAPTISM DATE WITH CHRIS!!!
AAAHH!!!!! His baptism is September 24th and we're so excited for him!
We went to the Dallas Temple on Thursday! They have certain rules
about which missionaries can go and how often, but we went this week
and I loved it! That temple is really small and it was kind of weird.
But it's super pretty and I loved it. It was good to have that spirit
to help calm us down after being pretty stressed.
Other than that, unfortunately, there isn't anything super exciting.
This week was weird. We had a lot of meetings that threw off our
schedule and we kept having to reschedule appointments. Cutter has
been struggling with some things and we're kind of sad about it. We
went from, "Yeah he's ready to be baptized really soon!" to "Oh maybe
he should wait a few months." It's really sad and we're not quite sure
what exactly he needs.
Oh the Hunts randomly decided they're moving to El Paso in a couple
weeks. They weren't even the ones who told us it was someone in the
ward. So we're going through the lessons with them so they can have a
basic understanding before we sent their information to the
missionaries over there. They still haven't told us WHY they're
moving, but there's only so much we can do. I just hope the
missionaries in El Paso will be able to help them.
A few other things have been happening that we've been kind of
frustrated about, but I don't just want an email to be a list of
complaints so don't worry I'm not going to do that. It's just weird
how one week will be super awesome and everything's great, then the
next week is pretty rough. Missionary life. What can you do? Haha!
Well, that's how this week has gone! Hope y'all have a great day!
Sister Poulton

1. Me, Sister Nye, and Sister Yanda (the awesome Ward member who came
with us) outside the temple.
2. On our way to a fireside! (Mormon meaning of Fireside: an evening gathering, usually with a guest speaker that has an uplifting message to share. They used to hold them around campfires, hence the name Fireside.)

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