Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 6's Update

(Sorry this is a week late.)

Another Week in Texas!

Man I love this place! It's so different than Utah! I love it so much here!
Quick tip: if you're ever going to visit Texas, BUG SPRAY! BUG SPRAY!
BUG SPRAY! We had a lesson outside and we forgot to put it on and we
were eaten alive by Texas black ants. (At least we think that's what
it was. There's a lot of weird bugs here.) So that wasn't a highlight
from this week.

Anyway, Cutter's doing really well! He told us he hasn't decided a
baptism date yet because he doesn't want to feel rushed which we
understand. We're just hoping neither of us are transferred before he
gets baptized.

I never mentioned Chris before. He was taking the lessons before I got
here and was going to be baptized, then randomly his mom got mad at
him and they got into this argument about how she doesn't want him to
join the church. So they agreed to make a deal, either he waits six
weeks without seeing the missionaries or going to church to see if
he's sure about this, or he can get baptized now and he's disowned
from the family. He took the first option. But now we can teach him
again and he still has a really strong testimony! I've been really
excited for this! Everyone talks about Chris all the time and I've
just been wanting to meet him! We're teaching him a couple more
lessons to refresh his memory. We're shooting for the 24th as his
baptismal date.

Another crazy thing happened this week! Brother Adney, the less-active
member who passed away, lived with his sister and her family. Whenever
we came over her husband James was like, "I don't want to hear
anything you have to say." And would leave the room. On Wednesday we
were doing service for them and James told us he wants to take the
lessons!!!! AAAHH!!!! After we left we were like "What just
happened?!" We're so excited for them!

This week was really busy and we hope this next week will be even
better! Y'all stay safe and remember, you're all children of God.

Sister Poulton

1 & 2: Sisters at zone conference
3: me and Sister DeMille on our exchange (forgot to send it last week)

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