Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Update Time! Week of 2/6/2017

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone's doing well! Here's a cool story to start off! Friday
morning we were going to an appointment with scheduled with a lady
named Amber. We went over and two of her friends and their kids were
there too. It was really loud with all the kids running around so we
thought, "Oh wow the spirit isn't here right now so maybe we'll give
her a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet then set up an appointment to come
back later." So we sat on the couch in the living room and her friends
wanted to listen too! They had their kids go to another room while
they listened! We had a full lesson and it was AWESOME!! They were all
really engaged, asking great questions, and wanted to learn more! We
set a return appointment when it was over! It was so great! Definitely
an answer to some of our prayers!

We weren't able to meet with Aidan this week because he's really sick.
We hope he feels better soon.

We had Zone Conference this week and as usual it was amazing! A few
weeks ago our mission president told us to study about Ammon in the
Book of Mormon and focus on what made him a great missionary. A few
days before Zone Conference he asked us to write a talk on why Ammon
was a great missionary and how our life has changed since studying
Ammon. I loved doing this exercise. What I learned the most was that
he made the atonement a regular part of his life. He started out as
someone in a gang trying to destroy the church, then he changed his
life around! He repented and made the repentance process a priority!
A lot of times we think of repentance as something scary, but really
repentance just means change. You change your ways in order to become
more like Christ. Ammon was constantly doing that and that's what I'm
striving to do. I loved studying about him.

Well that's how this week went! I love all of you and pray for you all
the time! ❤️

1: the mission
2-3: What can I say? We love chalk!

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