Sunday, January 15, 2017

6 Months! Week of 1/9/2017

Howdy Everyone!

I can't believe it but 6 months ago today I got on an airplane and

Good news! We have some new investigators! We were going to see a
member of the Ward and when we got there we saw two people and he
said, "This is my grandson and his wife! They want to learn about the
church and find the right one!" Woohoo! They're so awesome and really
willing to learn! Their names are Cameron and Holly and we love them!

Denise and John are still progressing! They came to church on a Sunday
and really enjoyed it! That's something that's been kind of hard for
them so we're really glad they came!

I still can't believe I've been on my mission for 6 months. I've
learned so much from the people of Azle. I can truly say my mission is
changing me. It feels like I've been here forever yet it feels like
I've been here a couple weeks. I know I've said this before but I'm so
glad I came here to Azle. The people here are amazing! They've taught
me more than I've taught them. I can truly say I'm a different person
because of my mission. And I'm only 1/3 of the way done!

Well sorry to get all sentimental on you! Hope y'all have a great
week! I love you and pray for you everyday!

Sister Poulton
Texas Fort Worth Mission

1. This was as much snow as I'm going to find in Texas! 

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