Sunday, January 15, 2017

Update time! Week of 11/21/21016

Hey Everyone!

It's been quite the week! Exchanges, new investigators, its CRAZY!!!

Unfortunately, I don't have a tone of time, but here's a cool story! A
tire on our car had a leak so we went to get it fixed. We sat in the
waiting room and one of the managers saw our name tags and said, "So
are you from a business or something?" I said, "We're actually
missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." He
looked surprised and said that's awesome! We talked for a little bit
and he said he goes to some churches here and there but he's not sure
about most of them. He then said he's looking for a church with a
great kids program 😃 HEY! We have the church for you! We talked for a
little bit and gave him our phone number, a Book of Mormon, and the
address to the church. He said he might stop by some time. Cool
experience! Hopefully we'll see him again!

My mission president asked us to study the story of Ammon in the Book
of Mormon then email him about things that we've learned and how we
can be a missionary like him. I've read about Ammon plenty of times at
home, but when you apply it to your calling, it's totally different! I
challenge the other missionaries who are reading this to do the same!

One more thing about what I'm learning. I know I've said this before,
but I can feel myself growing closer to Christ as I continue to learn
about the atonement. I think I understand it but then I learn
something new about it. It allows me to feel more peace and comfort
knowing that when I'm having a rough time, I'm not doing this alone. I
can honestly say that Jesus Christ is my best friend. He'll never
abandon me or anyone else. I love Him.

Try to remember this. It will help you handle anything and give you
the comfort you need. I love that the holidays are coming up and it's
a time to think of Christ more. We're celebrating the birth of our
Savior. I'll talk about this more in my emails coming up, but let's
try to remember that through out the holiday season.

Well this email wasn't the longest, but hopefully next week will be
better! Keep emailing me! I'll eat hearing about how you're doing!
Praying for you everyday!
Sister Poulton
Texas Fort Worth Mission

1: Nice license plate! I love Texas too!
2: Sisters! ❤️
3-5: Exchange with Sister DeMille. (There's a lot because she's one of
my favorite people ever.)

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