Sunday, January 15, 2017

Merry Christmas! Week of 12/21/2016

Hey Y'all!

I can't say Merry Christmas when it's actually Christmas so I'm saying it now! Merry Christmas!

Not a ton to report on this week. We're actually not going to be teaching Destiny. Some things have come up so we won't be teaching her for a while. We may also have to push back Annie and Jared's baptism date. They haven't been coming to church and they've been really hard to make and keep appointments with. Those things are sad, but it hasn't been a bad week.

I haven't talked about Joe in a while. He's been having some health problems so we haven't seen him for a while until recently. His wife is a member and they want to be sealed together for eternity. What better motivation to learn from the missionaries ;) We had a really spiritual lesson with him yesterday. We were talking about the Book of Mormon and gaining a testimony that it's true. We read Moroni 10:3-5 and I asked him if he wants to know if it's true and he said yes. I asked him why and he said because he knows it'll change his life and help his belief in God. I told him if we do what it says in these verses, if you ask God, He'll give you an answer. He prayed at the end of the lesson and asked if it's true and started crying. The spirit was so strong! I'm so proud of him and the progression he's making.

I've had experiences like this throughout my mission that have taught me so much. I'm learning and growing as a person and I'm so glad I came to Azle. I never would've learned these things without coming on a mission. It's hard to put these thoughts and feelings into words. I really don't know what I'd do or who I'd be if I never decided to serve.

I hope y'all have a Merry Christmas! Remember to Light the World and think of Christ! Think of at least one thing He did everyday! You'll feel the spirit more and be so glad that you did! Have a great week!

Sister Poulton
Texas Fort Worth Mission

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