Sunday, January 15, 2017

Diligent in All Things - Week of 12/12/2016

Hello Everyone!

More exciting news! We have another new investigator! Her name is Destiny and she's super awesome! She moved here from Denton because she's in the middle of a divorce right now. Her parents are members of the church living in a town nearby and wanted the bishop to get in contact with her. He asked us to go see her and figure out the situation. She wants to build her faith in Christ and bring her kids to a good church.  Her eight-year-old daughter really loves church and writes music about Jesus! Adorable! Sounds too good to be true 😆 We had a great lesson with her and she came to church yesterday! Woohoo!

For some sad news, we haven't been able to meet with Annie and Jared for a while. Their mom sets up appointments with us, so we show up and she either isn't home or she forgets and has to leave. She's also really really hard to get a hold of so we haven't been able to have a lesson with them in a while and they haven't been coming to church. Because of this.....may have to delay their baptism date 😢

Transfers are this week but Sister Marks and I are both staying! Yay! That means I'll be here in Azle for at least six months. Wow. Hey at least I love it! If there's anything I've learned from this last transfer it's diligence. It's a relief finding Destiny and Carolyn last week. It's a reminder that there are people prepared by the Lord to hear the gospel. We've had a really rough few weeks. None of our investigators were coming to church, they weren't keeping their commitments, no one wanted to listen to us, it was just really slow and disappointing. (Why do you think a went a few weeks without talking about anyone?) But now, just when things seem hopeless, God answers our prayers. If we listen to the spirit while being obedient, we will find those prepared by the Lord. It's definitely been a testimony builder of diligence and faith in the Lord's timing.

That's how this week has been! Stay out of the cold and remember to light the world!

Sister Poulton
Texas Fort Worth Mission

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