Friday, August 11, 2017

Transfer Surprises! May 28, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Hope y'all had a great week! I know we did! A miracle happened at
church yesterday! A lot of our investigators went out of town and we
were really bummed we wouldn't have any investigators at sacrament.
Then two people we never met before come up to us and say, "Hi my
name's Robert and this is my friend Tracy. I came here once a year and
a half ago but I usually work on Sundays but I didn't today. And I
thought I'd bring Tracy with me today." 😳😳😳 WHAT??? We found him in
the area book and he was taught by missionaries a year ago! Oh my
goodness! The Lord really does bless you for your hard work!

On Saturday we had permission to leave the mission and help with the
tornado clean-up in Canton, TX. The man we were helping had an amazing
attitude! He said, "Well we needed to get rid of a lot of stuff, so we
just got rid of it all at once!" or "This all happened because my wife
wanted a new couch because we definitely need a new couch now!" That's
incredible. If I was in his shoes I wouldn't have that attitude. It
was truly eye-opening.

Exciting news! We set a baptism date with Alyssa for June 17th!
Woohoo!!!! We're so excited!

More news! Transfers are this week and me and Sister Giles are
actually staying together! I've never been with a companion longer
than 2 transfers! This also means I'll be in Flower Mound for at least
6 months! I'll be my first two areas for 6 months! Crazy!

Hope your week is great! You're still in my prayers! And please pray
for our mission to reach our goal of 100 baptisms by the end of July!
He more prayers the better! 100 souls to Christ in such a short amount
of time! Yay! Love you!

Sister Poulton
Texas Fort Worth Mission

1. Fun with the STLs!
2. I've always wanted to wear a "Mormon Helping Hands" vest!
3. First we're cute....
4. Then we're FABULOUS!!!

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